microe wondered

Can we engineer a new brand that creates a buzz?


  • Brand Strategy & Development

  • Identity Design, Guidelines, & Systems

  • Product Position & Messaging 

  • Content Development

  • Video & Animations

  • Printed & Promotional Materials

  • Event Design & Production

Facing an exciting merger, MicroE, a motion control company named for its successful encoder, was outgrowing its siloed positioning as a component manufacturer.

They needed a new brand with modernized messaging and a visual identity that would propel the company forward as a holistic provider of system solutions.

constructing a meaningful brand

We heard the passion from loyal employees and customers: this company represented world-class motion control solutions that accelerate customers’ ability to deliver innovative solutions.

Those insights inspired the new brand name: Celera Motion, derived from the Latin “celer” for quick and swift.

making the motion the centerpiece

The new name was just the beginning. We developed a value proposition using action over words, using compelling animations to convey the company’s leadership in motion and precision.

a plan to accelerate adoption

To create a buzz in the industry and ensure consistent communications, we developed an implementation plan complete with an identity and messaging toolkit.

Today, Celera Motion is regarded as a leader in motion control systems and sub-system solutions—a successful transition from their former position as a component manufacturer.

let’s turn your wonder into impact.