can we boost fundraising to end homelessness?


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Heading Home has been working to end homelessness in Boston for decades. And, like any non-profit, successful fundraising is the lifeblood of its success.

In addition to local and state government funding and donations from the community, Heading Home hosts a number of events throughout the year to boost their fundraising efforts. Beyond that, leaders were eager to find even more ways to increase financial support.

creating a fundraiser disguised as an annual report

In its Annual Report, Heading Home combines financial highlights with extensive coverage of the value it consistently provides to the community. We saw an opportunity to transform the report into something more action-oriented to support leaders’ fundraising goals.

Thinking beyond typical financial report formats, we used the pages to tell the story of the program’s impact, bringing it close to home. Through evocative photography that stirred feelings of joy and strength, coupled with heartfelt first-person accounts, we established genuine connections with the reader. This emotional journey culminated in a heartfelt invitation to become part of the mission through a donation.

a merger and growth: the definition of success

The support from the philanthropic community has been overwhelming. A merger in 2022 nearly doubled the size of Heading Home, allowing the program to provide shelter for more people than ever in the communities it serves.

keeping homelessness top of mind

We continue to be an ally for Heading Home, offering strategic counsel and ensuring the Annual Report captures the program’s resolve to end homelessness while doubling as a fundraising tool every year.

let’s turn your wonder into impact.