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NexDine, a dining and hospitality service management provider, had ambitious goals to expand beyond their primary corporate dining and private school markets.

Updating their suite of services to address the demand for healthier food options and more personalized food experiences was a start. They knew their brand needed to reflect the evolution as well.

evolving “food service” to “lifestyle”

Articulating NexDine’s brand personality—passionate, innovative, deeply rooted in wellness—revealed an exciting new idea: “NexDine, the food service brand” should evolve to “NexDine, the lifestyle brand.”

This new strategic approach addressed the heightened focus on health and wellness, and inspired a powerful tagline to position NexDine as a brand that innovates and enhances the lives of people: LIVE WHAT’S NEX.

“loved the work!”

Dave Lanci, NexDine

“loved the work!”

Dave Lanci, NexDine

creating brand affinity

The new expression would help connect with targeted groups of people by embodying shared values, aspirations, and interests; essentially, leveraging the power of the Nex brand element as a device for market expansion: fitness (NexFit), casual and athleisure wear (NexWear), beauty products (NexBeauty), and more.

an identity makeover

The transition to a more “human-centered” lifestyle brand proved to be the key to an exciting, new identity. We created a fresh look and feel for the company’s logo and demonstrated practical ways to implement the identity on websites and digital media.

The powerful positioning and modern branding was the next-level experience NexDine was looking for to help them expand and thrive.

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