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how can we take our customers from crisis to collaboration?


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Quest Diagnostics® sought to expand its role as a lab partner to support its health system and hospital customers who had faced unprecedented challenges. From staffing shortages to declining reimbursement rates and escalating supply costs, these customers had grappled with continuous hurdles since the COVID-19 crisis.

In response to this, Quest created Collaborative Lab Solutions (Co-Lab), aiming to 
address operational and workforce challenges. The key next step for them was to craft a customer-centric narrative that would resonate effectively with health systems executives.

redefining Quest’s role as a lab partner

The Simon Group’s primary goal was to position the hospital lab as an asset rather than a cost center. Co-Lab’s impact relied on executives recognizing the lab as an optimization opportunity, potentially saving health systems 8%-15% annually.

We broke down each Co-Lab solution into the customer problem it helped solve and how Quest guides customers to success. We then leveraged the internal information and sculpted selling materials into a compelling and comprehensive narrative to build understanding and trust with customers and inspire them to action.

“Their content is just outright the best across the board.”

Aaron Keyes, Quest Diagnostics

“Their content is just outright the best across the board.”

Aaron Keyes, Quest Diagnostics

bringing strategic transformation to life

To engage health systems executives and drive conversions across various platforms, we thoughtfully crafted ebooks, white papers, landing pages, nurture stream emails, LinkedIn ads, sales enablement materials, and more. We delivered the strategic thinking and impactful content for Quest to launch their innovative solutions and redefine their capabilities as a partner.

inspiring transformation

Today, Quest’s Co-Lab Solutions has unlocked the potential of labs across the country, leading to improved financial and patient outcomes.

let’s turn your wonder into impact.