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Can we help Floridians get back to health?


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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many labs like Quest Diagnostics® worked tirelessly to keep up with the high demand for COVID testing. Huge volumes caused delays in turnaround times nationwide, and Florida was no exception where negative perceptions of lab testing—from patients to the state government administration—became pervasive.

As the pandemic receded, this perception persisted. Concerned about the impact delayed testing could have on overall health, Quest stepped in to offer free diagnostic clinics across Florida to provide access to—and rebuild trust in—lab testing.

If we bring the testing, will they come?

Quest was committed to providing no-cost lab testing to Floridians, but needed help spreading the word and promoting the value of testing to catch health issues sooner, especially in underserved populations where many don’t have the means to prioritize their health.

We created the “Tackle Your Testing” identity and campaign platform to rally community members to health events in Tampa, Tallahassee, and Miami where they could talk to a doctor about their health and get lab tests. These neighborhood events empowered people from all walks of life to take control of their health.

A community comes together

Collaborations with local Federally Qualified Health Centers and nonprofit organizations fostered a sense of community and helped make lab testing approachable and less intimidating.

We employed a multimedia approach from radio ads to storefront signs to maximize awareness and engagement.

3 cities,
9 months,
1,200 Floridians

Getting back in the game in Tallahassee

We continued to refine the event strategy, with the Tallahassee program in particular becoming an example of micro-event best practice. Over 700 community members attended 8 events, including a celebration event where neighbors, media, and government officials came together to celebrate the health of the Tallahassee community.

Tackle Your Testing in Tallahassee

700 attendees
1,800 website visits
1.6M social media impressions
5.5K clicks

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