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Can we be the lab of choice for 55+?


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The Villages in central Florida is the largest 55+ community in the US, and one where residents value healthy lifestyles. A partner in wellness, Quest Diagnostics® has several testing service centers located in The Villages, but they weren’t seeing the volume of lab testing expected based on the age and health of the local population.

There were two hypotheses for this: (1) residents weren’t aware they had a choice of labs, and (2) physicians were sending patients to hospitals within The Villages for testing and weren’t aware of the additional value Quest offered.

powering choice

Our first step was to create awareness with the residents and show the value of having their lab work done at a Quest Patient Service Center. Billboards, radio, and outbound tactics made it matter-of-fact: “When your doctor orders lab testing, you have the power—choose the lab you can drive your golf cart to, a place with quiet, comfortable seating areas, convenient hours, and four locations in and around The Villages.” The goal was simple: knowing there’s a choice can help power better health decisions.

knowing is everything

The program created a groundswell of patient support which we reinforced with a “knowing about health” campaign to The Villages physicians focused on differentiating Quest from the local hospital labs—a broader test menu for the specific conditions residents may have (cardiovascular disease, STDs, diabetes, etc), and convenient, comfortable testing locations.

choosing quest becomes best practice for 55+

Quest successfully positioned itself as the lab of choice at The Villages and the campaign became a model for improving testing volumes at other 55+ communities around the country.

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