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The history of the Harvard Club of Boston dates back to its founding in 1908. Throughout its evolution, awareness campaigns have played a vital role in recruitment, emphasizing the Club’s unique sense of community and belonging that extends far beyond its physical location.

The Club sought strategic and creative help to attract new members by repositioning their brand and amplifying their communications with a bold campaign that paid homage to tradition while promoting its recent renovations and enhanced services.

Fusing tradition with transformation

While The Harvard Club’s history is surrounded with traditions—which should be celebrated—it’s the next generation of members who are shaping this thriving community. With the elegantly styled campaign tagline “Tradition. transformed.” in place, The Simon Group developed the creative direction and communication elements to launch the campaign.

Across digital and print platforms, the integrated campaign championed the Harvard Club’s message of reinvention, renovation, and the expansion of program benefits.

Fostering a feeling of belonging—for every generation

As a result of the “Tradition. transformed.” campaign, use of the Harvard Club’s facilities swelled. Whether members stopped in for a networking event, a special dinner, a quick workout, or just a relaxing evening, the feeling of belonging to a special community was pronounced throughout their visit.

History, still in the making

From directional signs to complete wall coverage—as well as a new website and an engaging newsletter series—we equipped the Club with interactive digital assets and mixed media graphics, ensuring every medium always reflected the message.

For a Club with more than a century of rich history and tradition, we made sure every facet of the campaign shared one clear underlying message: History is still very much in the making.

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