can our website be as inspiring as our architectural designs?


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Urban Idea Lab is an architectural and urban design firm in Boston specializing in infrastructure and transportation projects. Their success had been built largely from repeat business, and those loyal customers had become ambassadors by recommending the firm to colleagues.

To capitalize on the influx of potential work from referrals and word of mouth, Urban Idea Lab wanted to ensure their website effectively reflected their broad body of work and passion for designing spaces that bring joy to others.

empowering architectural elegance to speak for itself

We were inspired by Urban Idea Lab’s vision of a successful website: one where visitors instinctively understand the company’s collaborative design philosophy and commitment to social responsibility without explicit declarations such as “we are” or “we do.”

Our task was to optimize the user experience by allowing visitors to self-select a journey through Urban Idea Lab’s creative mind.

Instead of relying on standard navigation and project lists, we brought their work to life, immersing visitors in a leisurely stroll along a picturesque footbridge, a moment of relaxation on a pier with a view of the river, or a bike ride to work across a pedestrian bridge.

raising the bar in urban design

By transforming Urban Idea Lab’s functional website into an extension of their eco-conscious, people-centric brand, we helped them build a solution that would help convert referrals to loyal customers.

a platform for dynamic ideas

Today, Urban Idea Lab continues to bring delight through every project, using the website as a dynamic tool to showcase their positive approach to achieving urban design excellence.

let’s turn your wonder into impact.